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[22 Jan 2005|01:51pm]

Hello, I know you all may not care...but please join ohhhwell. It's full of apathetic people. You'll love it.
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Ok [15 Nov 2004|06:56am]
[ mood | apathetic ]

I'm here and all that jazz. And since I had to start a Live Journal account to get here, I started my own live journal, which I've linked to my player registry. It's all In-Character so far, and is about "Life in Xaventry." Check it out if you like. I don't know what else to say here right now, so I'll shut up and go back to my attempts to find a shortcut to Pirates' Cove.

Giovanna d'Arco

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Extemper's attempt to get me MURDERED [14 Nov 2004|03:18am]

[ mood | amused ]

[CLAN] Extemper: 'oo all the archons are mad at akasha now'

[CLAN] Extemper: 'they are like'

(#sectionfive) ct Arcteria tells you 'keep discriminating those with red names'
[2] clan members heard you say, '-=MooN=- Arcteria tells you 'keep discriminating those with red names''
[2] clan members heard you say, '-=MooN=- EXTEMPER'

(#sectionfive) ct You bitch!
[2] clan members heard you say, '-=MooN=- You bitch!'

[CLAN] Extemper: 'shes being mean to WHO'

[CLAN] Extemper: 'and now all the outlaws are reuniting'

(#sectionfive) ct Great. Time for me to get fullgeared again.
[2] clan members heard you say, '-=MooN=- Great. Time for me to get fullgeared again.'


[2] clan members heard you say, '-=MooN=- Extemper.'

[CLAN] Extemper: 'lol'

[2] clan members heard you say, '-=MooN=- I'm going to give Corgan your address if you do that again.'

[CLAN] Extemper: 'everyones spamming me'

[CLAN] Alyce: 'WondeRland ROFL'

[CLAN] Extemper: 'LOL!'

[CLAN] Extemper: 'omg'

[CLAN] Extemper: 'ill kill you'

[CLAN] Extemper: 'well ill probably be dead'
[2] clan members heard you say, '-=MooN=- *burns*'
[2] clan members heard you say, '-=MooN=- Exty, look what youve done'
[2] clan members heard you say, '-=MooN=- Nalithien tells you 'hey! You're the hot chic from the halloween party pictures, right? Or am I thinking about someone else...''

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Funny Log. ;) [13 Nov 2004|10:05pm]

[ mood | amused ]

'I must ask' Mikee says to you.

You peer at Mikee trying to see into his soul.

<2300hp 1760sp 1562st>
'I like to pk and i certainly am not female.' Mikee says to you. 'But i could be in 27? :D'

<2300hp 1760sp 1562st> laugh
You find yourself laughing at the world.

<2300hp 1760sp 1562st> who mikee

MATERIA MAGICA: Search Players Online
[97 :241 M Archon Towne ] Mikee

You say to Mikee, 'Well, 1...i can't let anybody in that pks...and 2..we're full.'

You grin evilly.

You grab Mikee and tickle him mercilessly.

<2300hp 1760sp 1568st>
Mikee pouts - he is really taking this hard!

<2300hp 1760sp 1570st>
Mikee bursts into tears and bawls loudly.

A disembodied hand coalesces out of nowhere and squashes Mikee into a bloody pulp.
Your blood freezes as you hear Mikee's death cry.
Mikee's disembodied spirit rises from his ravaged corpse.
Mikee's spirit disappears with an ear-splitting BANG!
The head of Mikee falls to the ground.
Mikee's corpse crumbles into dust.
Mikee blinks rapidly, several times.
Mikee stiffens for a moment, then blinks and shakes his head.
Mikee's feet rise off the ground.
Mikee stiffens for a moment, then blinks and shakes his head.
Mikee stiffens for a moment, then blinks and shakes his head.
Mikee turns translucent.

Caught off-guard, you blink in surprise.

You tell Mikee 'Oh, sweet lord.'
You tell Mikee 'I don't have ressurect, you goose. :P
The shade of Mikee tells you 'i don't need your pity!'
The shade of Mikee tells you '*sniff*'

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Whee! [26 Jan 2004|05:36pm]

[ mood | amused ]

You are blessed with FAERY wings. Beauty,
laughter, life, magic...that's what you are all
about. You are refreshingly innocent and happy
with your life of purity and play. Life's a
game and it's a good one. In your eyes there's
no way to lose! You can be very mischeivous and
have been known to cause trouble, but it's all
in the name of fun and not meant to really harm
anyone. You like to play tricks on people who
aren't quite as bright or clever as you - which
is almost everyone. Nature is the setting you
prefer to be in - Always. Barefoot and wild you
can't be tamed. You're probably a restless
spirit who loves to travel, and quite a
dreamer. Your creativity is astounding and your
art (of whatever media - from writing to
painting to drama) is like something from
another world - ethereal and often very
fantasy-oriented. You can either be a social
butterfly or a loner with their head in the
clouds - but rarely inbetween. You stubbornly
refuse to accept responsibility or to give in
to the wishes of others - unless you feel like
it. You have a strong passion for music and
can't imagine life without it. You'll grow up
someday, but you'll always be a child at heart.
You are adventurous and love to take risks, and
feel a deep connection with the weather,
plants, and animals. You prefer sunshine to
thunder or snow, the warmth of summer to
autumn's chill, and quiet forests to suburban
backyards. Magic through and through, you are
far more powerful than you seem, and are
capable of being extremely passionate. Though
you can be childish, naive, stubborn, and self-
absorbed, one thing is certain - life with you
will never be boring!

*~*~*Claim Your Wings - Pics and Long Answers*~*~*
brought to you by Quizilla

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[25 Jan 2004|02:49am]

[CLAN] Mashimaro: '---(MashimarO)--- what is everyone doing btw'
[2] clan members heard you say, ' not much'
[CLAN] Mashimaro has recalled to the clan hall!
[CLAN] Dinah: '-:( @`~ ):- Talking to my stomach. It's hungry and has alot to say. :O'
[2] clan members heard you say, ' rofl'
[CLAN] the great undead warrior: '---(MashimarO)--- hey?'
[2] clan members heard you say, ' oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh'
[2] clan members heard you say, ' you're new to the clan!'
[CLAN] the great undead warrior: '---(MashimarO)--- hmm ?'
[CLAN] the great undead warrior: '---(MashimarO)--- who?'
[CLAN] the great undead warrior: '---(MashimarO)--- dinah?'
[CLAN] Dinah: '-:( @`~ ):- You!'
[2] clan members heard you say, ' what kind of cheese do you like'
[CLAN] the great undead warrior: '---(MashimarO)--- me?'
[CLAN] Dinah: '-:( @`~ ):- *rofl!!*'
[CLAN] the great undead warrior: '---(MashimarO)--- chedder'
[2] clan members heard you say, ' no dinah'
[CLAN] Dinah: '-:( @`~ ):- Feta. *drools*'
[2] clan members heard you say, ' okay!'
[CLAN] the great undead warrior: '---(MashimarO)--- :p'
[2] clan members heard you say, ' *whips out a block of feta cheese and a block of chedder cheese*'
[CLAN] the great undead warrior: '---(MashimarO)--- oh man'
[2] clan members heard you say, ' *whittlewhittlewhittle*'
[CLAN] Dinah: '-:( @`~ ):- mMmmm.. Fetta.... *drools homer-style*'
[CLAN] the great undead warrior: '---(MashimarO)--- i want lots'
[2] clan members heard you say, ' *hands Dinah her very own feta cheese prism*'
[CLAN] the great undead warrior: '---(MashimarO)--- oh well ..i can't eat too much ..gotta be fat free'
[2] clan members heard you say, ' *hands mashi her chedder cheese prism*'
[CLAN] Dinah: '-:( @`~ ):- :O'
[CLAN] the great undead warrior: '---(MashimarO)--- *muhahahhaha*'
[CLAN] the great undead warrior: '---(MashimarO)--- cheese rocks'
[CLAN] Dinah: '-:( @`~ ):- *holds it in the air in all it's prismic glory!*'
[2] clan members heard you say, ' w00t!'
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[19 Jan 2004|07:12pm]

[ mood | loved ]

They didn't announce it but I dun care..

Adaeriel and Safire (me =P) are handfasted now.. ^^
We have rings..an..mm..I dunno..
Totally lost in my happy thoughts at the moment..^^

Will post again when I'm more um..thinkin..think..able?..
..right..see, I can't even think of the word coherent right..=P

Love Ada..^^

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XD [12 Jan 2004|03:27am]

[ mood | loved ]

My letter to gameservices. ^^


Adaeriel & Safire

I (Safire) have the gold and we're both above lv60 so no worries~

*happyhappy saffy* =3
Love you Sarriiii!

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[10 Jan 2004|09:31pm]

[3] clan members heard you say, ' see its an asset to be a guy with a female char... you get to be
in apathy with a bunch of horney girls!'

[CLAN] Mashimaro: '---(MashimarO)--- ok we got pervert at 12 o clock'
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[10 Jan 2004|02:51am]

*sighs* im beginning to get frustrated... i want to play mm but i want to have people online to talk to and help and get help from in return... i love apathy... i made ada just for apathy and she's not leaving unless she gets kicked out... but im frustrated. i'd play more if there was anyone on but i get online after being gone for a week and half the clan is changed and nobody is online. ada is player six or seven in the rank and that's bad because she just got added. she was 15 or 16 when she started now she holds the place azhi had... im sure i don't have any room to talk because i don't play but i don't play because there's never anyone on... yeah. so that's my story... bitch at me if you please... at least then you'd be online.
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[04 Jan 2004|10:35am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

okay a new resolution for me... posting a bit of stuff in the apathy journal whenever i play mm...

made a run to sigil the other day to get some goblin ears... its pretty good money 10k per repop... if you get all the ears of course.... i was debating weather or not to transfer all my money to my sigil account cause the interest is lower... anybody got some advice there?

so yeah... im questing in Templeton right now because i don't have to leave town on the quests and i know them quite well... i'd like to find a new town to quest in... i might try new rigel if i can get xelessar to help me... but if anyone has any better ideas for towns i'd appreciate the help as well

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[27 Dec 2003|03:30pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

Somehow I expected to find alot more new stuff on here..I guess the rest of the clan is as inactive as I am? Or too busy playing for LJ..well..since my last update, I can just say..my life stabilized somewhat..I'd be on more but..Final Fantasy XI dominates my schedule now. I'm not leaving though..only way you're gettin rid of me is to kick me out. XP
I still get on, just not as often and usually kinda late when other people aren't there..I'll try to time it better..I need gmud on my laptop.
Um..anyways, seeya girls all..sometime..

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[12 Nov 2003|10:30am]

hey chik, ziggy, akisma, and blackcitan i added you all to my lj... add me back if you feel like it...
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[15 Sep 2003|01:29am]

i've had it. im sick of this. i'm fucking sick of this shit! why do i bother. the only constants in the clan are kashie and sati. we add members and lose memebers like none other. i meet a clannie once before she's removed for inactivity or by the time i get to know her she leaves and joins another clan. all of the people who were my friends left. i have no clue what the hell is going on, but i know that i don't know any of the clannies anymore i think half of them have been added within the last few weeks. im just so tired of this. why? thats all i want to know... why? are we not good enough?

some days i just don't know why i bother with ada. its just an online game. its not as though i have anything to do with any of these people off line. i don't have time to play because of school. my real life friends are more important so why is any of this bothering me? i don't know... why do i feel betrayed every time a clannie leaves and joins another clan? i don't know... why is everything in my life so confusing... god damn it all.
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I'm back, I swear. [02 Sep 2003|01:57pm]

[ mood | sleepy ]

So I'm back from the underground that was my disconnected life over the summer. If someone could post/email me directions on how to get to PG and basically any changes in the PG area since the installation of 4.0, it would be much appreciated. I want to get some prime time rooting and tourming going on since I've been away for so long and most definitely owe it to everyone. :)

I'm so glad to be back! Thanks girls!


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Update [17 Aug 2003|10:15am]

[ mood | apathetic ]

My current situation is a step away from homelessness, but..at least I'm still online. I got kicked out of my house yesterday, it's in my journal..anyways, my future of internet connectivity rests in the hands of the fine people whose house I am in right now..hopefully, I get to stay here, because I'm on cable now. ^^

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*sigh* [14 Aug 2003|12:13am]

[ mood | depressed ]

I'm gonna be gone for a while, Don John the Bastard..my step-grandfather in law of no blood relation who I live with and hate...is taking away my internet. I didn't have much to begin with, just a free 56k ISP but he's taking my phone line..if he leaves long enough for me to steal his line or I go to a friends or something and can get on for awhile I'll at least leave a message of some kind on here..til then, I'll be gone..til further notice..I dunno what I'm gonna do..I'm really sorry Kashie, Sati, an everyone else..I'm really gonna miss all of you..

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Hey all... :> [13 Aug 2003|05:40pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

I'm still alive and here, yes, and I know I've been away for a long time but I absolutely promise that once I move into my new place (Sept 1 at the latest) I'll have DSL/whatever back and I'll be playing like a mofo. Hope all is well with you. If any help is ever needed IM me at blackmagicsai and I'll try my damnedest to be there for you girls!


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the joy of newbies [12 Aug 2003|07:07pm]

[ mood | mischievous ]

Blacksword tells you 'hi'

MATERIA MAGICA: Search Players Online
[29 :29 M H-Elf Range Towne ] Blacksword
Total matches: 1.

<@#apathy> You tell Blacksword '[*^AngeL^*] hello'

Blacksword tells you ' -=The Dark Ranger=- I'd like to join your clan please, may I have The Form Of Application?'

<@#apathy> You tell Blacksword '[*^AngeL^*] we only accept females'

Blacksword tells you ' -=The Dark Ranger=- is that sexist?'

<@#apathy> You tell Blacksword '[*^AngeL^*] we like to call it feminist'

I had to share :)

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Random thought... [09 Aug 2003|04:26am]

[ mood | confused ]

Does anyone else think it's weird that the Rose room's description changed to:
"This is The Turquoise Room, a private room where you can entertain
several guests or simply sneak away for some peace and tranquility. The
room is lit with only a small tea-lite that sits on a round table. The
walls are paneled with a delicate trim of finely polished turquoise stone.
A big pot of tea sits on the table along with a small plate of assorted
shortbreads. This seems to be a very masculine like decorated room and
envision businessmen conversing over tea."
I mean..turquoise? Masculine?
Maybe I'm just weird and don't get jokes..=P

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